Fabrics Of Our Culture

New Lynn Transport Center – Public artwork 2010 and 2013

Public Engagement Artwork. Mandala graphics representing the 4 migrations to New Lynn: Maori, Pacific Island, European, Asian.

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As part of the New Lynn Transport Centre Project, Miranda Brown was commissioned by Waitakere City Council to create an iconic public artwork reflecting the local multicultural community. This concept focuses on the four major waves of migration that have taken place in New Lynn over the past few centuries, represented here by each mandala – circle.

Miranda engaged with the local community in a collaborative process through workshops and interviews.

The concept “fabrics of our culture” created the platform for women to share their cultural identity and stories through the embellishment of their textiles. Cultural icons, symbols, rituals and relationship to nature and life are infused into cultural fabrics and in turn have been woven into the public artwork.

The public artwork embellishes the glass of the New Lynn Transport Centre and bus shelters in Henderson.

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