Our oceans need your help

Free The Sea is inspiring people to think about what pollution and overfishing are doing to our oceans. Our marine conservation partners and educators need funds to keep raising key issues.

Maui's Dolphin

The plight of the Maui’s Dolphin is dire. The population is down to under 85 dolphins. Forest & Bird and Project Jonah work tirelessly lobbying to save the Maui’s and Hector’s Dolphins from set nets. Maui’s dolphins are highly likely to become extinct in our lifetime. The time to act is now. Free the Sea creates a human bumper sticker for saving the Maui dolphin. It's positive protest in action!


Encouraging sustainable commercial fishing – Forest & Bird’s Best Fish Guide www.bestfishguide.org.nz


What we do on the land affects the sea – this is one of Enviroschools key educational statements for school children. We continue to pollute the sea and we need to continue raising public awareness about the affects of sea pollution on vulnerable marine life. Free the Sea encourages awareness and understanding of the marine ecosystems that we are all part of.

Maui's dolphin
Photo: Goat Island by Jenny & Tony Enderby

Marine Reserves

We can do so much better with marine reserves. With a large coast, New Zealand could lead the way in protecting our marine life through establishing more marine reserves. Currently marine reserves cover just 0.3 % of our marine environment.

Forest & Bird are campaigning for new marine reserves next to the coastline and the creation of deep offshore marine reserves. The current legislation only provides for marine reserves within the 12 nautical mile territorial sea.


Also thanks to Jenny & Tony Enderby for their photograph of a school of blue maomao.

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