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When you buy a Free The Sea T-shirt, you automatically donate $5 to one of these fantastic organisations. Choose which organisation you'd like to support at checkout.

Forest & Bird

Forest & Bird

Forest & Bird is an independent not-for-profit conservation membership organisation. We have been protecting and restoring New Zealand’s natural environment (on land, on our coasts and in our sea) since 1923.

Our 3000 active volunteers work on nature reserves that are both publicly own and owned by Forest & Bird, planting, weeding and setting traps. It is estimated that our volunteers clear 10,000 traps per month and plant over 200,000 trees per year. We also campaign for the protection of the natural environment on land and in the sea, and have achieved significant success like the banning the logging of native forests, saving the lake Manapori, the creation of High Country parks, the creation of the Department of Conservation, and the first marine reserves.

As the former Governor General said in 2009, “It is difficult to imagine New Zealand without the Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society.”

Find out more about Forest & Bird at www.forestandbird.org.nz

Project Jonah

Project Jonah

Whether they’re picking up litter on beaches or rescuing stranded whales, Project Jonah are out there helping. Whatever the weather. Their work falls into three key areas:

RESCUE: They are the emergency service for stranded dolphins and whales in New Zealand. Over the years they’ve trained thousands of people in whale rescue and provide 24/7 emergency aid to stranded whales through their rescue teams and trained volunteers.

ACTION: Through their public education and awareness campaigns they inspire, motivate and empower Kiwis to stand up and take action for marine mammals and the marine environment.

PROTECTION: They act as a watchdog and encourage key decision-makers to do the right thing. They expose marine mammal suffering and help create and enforce laws that protect these animals.

The message behind the "Free The Sea" campaign is evocative and powerful and one we hope New Zealanders will embrace. We love Miranda’s designs and the ethos behind this collection. We’re proud to stand alongside her and are grateful for her support.

Find out more about Project Jonah at www.projectjonah.org.nz



Enviroschools provides leadership, support, and opportunities that empower children and young people to work in intergenerational ways to create healthy, peaceful and resilient communities. The kaupapa of the Enviroschools Programme is about the well-being of the whole school, community and eco-system. It’s about working out how to live so that our society and economy nourishes the natural systems that give us life.

Enviroschools gives young people an opportunity to explore real life challenges and to apply their abundance of energy and ideas.

Find out more about Enviroschools at www.enviroschools.org.nz

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