Follow the story of your T-shirt

This is no ordinary T-shirt - made of organic cotton and dyed with plant material and printed with my heartfelt artwork using vegetable inks.

We will take you on the journey of how your ‘cradle to cradle’ T-shirt is made over the next few months. The online store is open from May 10th - 31st and then we will make and deliver your custom made design in October.

Free The Sea T-shirts are made in Bali where they have a natural dye system. I have visited the village where they do the vegetable dyeing and it is wonderful to see such a natural non-toxic process in action.

All our makers including the dyers, cutters, sewers and printers are paid a fair wage.

It takes time, energy and resources to make garments and we are going to take you through this process from design to delivery.

Free The Sea T-shirts have landed! They are being sent out on Friday 19th October. Thank you for your patience!

We would like to have a national Free The Sea day in October when you all wear your T-shirts and make some noise together.

My huge appreciation for supporting this campaign for our oceans... pass it on!

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Thank you

Miranda B x

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