Sustainable Business Practice

At Miranda Brown Conscious Cloth we believe in a holistic creative philosophy that connects everything we do back to nature. Every facet of our business is connected to the idea of making a positive impact on our planet.

We always ask ourselves how our business can reflect this in every decision, every stitch and every step we take.
We work to a Quadruple Bottom Line: environmental, economic, social and spiritual.
We create beautifully crafted products that are timeless and are made to last; not something you will want to discard after a season.
We carefully select all our materials so that they are from nature
We use sustainable practices in our studio and workplace.
We are guided every step of our creative process by the notion of treating our environment with respect, love and care.
We take inspiration from the beauty of nature from environmental philosophers and spiritual thinkers.
We create sustainable products that are made with spirit and love.

We create sustainable products that conscious consumers can purchase with an easy heart, knowing that they have been created with respect for our planet.

At Miranda Brown Conscious Cloth we are inspired by and connected to nature and these affect the decisions we make everyday.
All our choice of materials, suppliers, contractors and partners reflect our sustainable vision.

Materials we choose

  • Natural Materials
  • MAPP merino, locally sourced to support local markets
  • Organic cotton, we source certified orgainic cotton from Turkey.
  • 100% silk
  • 100% linen
  • Bamboo
  • Wood pulp fibre; Tencel and Viscose

Techniques we use

  • Timeless Design.
  • Design and Cutting techniques that minimize wastage. Off-cuts used for our baby-wear range and also are donated to local charities.
  • Shibori dyeing technique which has no wastage as all the dye is absorbed in the fabric.
  • GOTS dyes used for inhouse dyeing and out source dyeing. Gots approved dyes have minimized heavy metals.

In our office we use

  • unbleached recycled paper for administrative and packaging
  • water-based soluble inks for screen-printing
  • refill ink cartridges
  • rechargeable batteries -we recycle and reuse at our studio; materials, plastic garment bags, paper and compost food waste

Energy we use

  • The flow of production is stream lined through the use of CMT manufacturing. One stop shop outsourcing
  • minimize transport flow
  • one carless day per fortnight
  • energy-efficient bulbs turned off when not in use

We support

  • All our contract manufacturers support local communities with Fair Trade and are chosen for their sustainable practices
  • We choose registered, sustainable business networks
  • We support Fair Trade products in the studio, including consumables, cleaning products and administrative stationery
  • We donate to Enviroschools who teach New Zealand school children how to look after their planet
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